Tuesday, 28 February 2012


sometimes, the world gets so heavy. 
it's like i don't notice the trees melting, and they drip sticky sap onto my bare shoulders. 
the sea is so thick, it pulses against rocks and they crash in my head and my teeth grind with the pressure and i can taste the blood but i can't stop. 
i'm underwater and i'm drowning, i'm slipping over stones. someplace far away over the miles that stretch before me i can hear the drones.
i am weak. a weak pathetic human. what surrounds me is stronger, it will not relent, give in or give up.
i know i will fall, crumple into the ground. my last retching breath and aching bones will smear into that deafening sound. 
sometimes the world is too heavy.


francisdodson said...

I love this. Such pretty words x

cecilie andrea torp said...

is it youre words? WOW! :) So deep ponderings!

Party Poison said...

This post caught my attention in the title alone. One of my nicknames is Blue ;D. I think I just gave away too much...

But yeah, like I said before, I'm no poet, but I really liked this one. It reminded me of this Florence + The Machine song: