Tuesday, 21 February 2012

celebrating pancakes

happy pancake day everybody!
hope you've all got tummies full of yumminess.

i do love a good pancake, but weirdly only eat them once a year?!
and it's sort of the same for these goodies-

candyfloss-only at the fun fair or by the seaside
popcorn-only at the cinema
mince pies-only at christmas
icecream-only on my birthday (or somebody else's birthday and i have access to vegan icecream)
chips-normally only when i'm having a 'day out' somewhere cute and i want to be baaaaaad because it tastes so guuuuuud
jelly-only on my birthday 

and it's not like i intentionally only eat them on those certain times, it's just the way it always seems to be. but then, after looking at that list, i think it may be a slightly good thing that i only eat it all occasionally, because i think if i ate it all the time i would be the size of a house. and not a small house either, one of those huge gigantic things that has its own gatehouse and stuff.


i had a beautiful day in Hay On Wye with the boyf and our friend Scott.
between the three of us we bought eighteen books.
eighteen books!
that is a lot of books.
in case you hadn't guessed, we like books.
it's pretty much been my perfect day, plenty of words, coffee and good company.

and of course, tonight there was pancakes...

so i am a happy bunny. 
and speaking of bunnies...my next post will feature some handmade easter cards that will be for sale before easter :)

love and all that jazz x

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