Wednesday, 22 February 2012

wonderful wednesdays presents... curry lentils tofu style

well hello all you lovely people :) hope you're all having a wonderful wednesday?
today is a quick recipe that uses red lentils, the same as the lentil soup.

curry lentils...tofu style
ingredients (serves 4 people)

medium red onion
3 medium cloves garlic
tin of tomatoes
300g red lentils
2 medium apples
half packet plain tofu
3 table spoons mango chutney
a good load of curry powder
large pinch of salt
vegetable or olive oil for cooking

1) chop onion and fry gently in oil for a few mins

2) chop apples into small pieces (the last thing you want is to be chewing your way through a gigantic chunk of apple halfway through your curry) and add to onions and cook until soft (5mins)

3) add the lentils and mix it together, then crush and chop the garlic and bang it in the pan!

4) add the tin of tomatoes and stir it all together. 

5) chop up the tofu into chunks, you'll find that it's very squishy so it helps to sort of squish it with your hands slightly over the sink so that some of the water drains out. (if you use smoked tofu you won't have to do this)
then add the chopped tofu in with everything with enough boiling water so it just about covers and leave it to simmer, for about 10mins. (remember to keep stirring it here and there so it doesn't burn)

6) when it's almost cooked (the lentils will start to go all fluffy) add the mango chutney and stir lots and lots!

7) now stir in the salt and curry powder and you're done! see? told you it was eeeeasy :)

i was lazy tonight and just ate it as it is, but it's great served with poppadoms or a baked potato :)

lovety love x


francisdodson said...

I'll definitely be trying this out. I'm not a very adventurous cook and I don't think I'm very good so this looks nice and simple! :) x

Lydia said...

this looks yummy! might test this out on my veggie flat mates :)

Sweet Monday said...

Why have I not been round for tea yet?! xxx